About Us

Burhani Packaging Solutions LLC

Burhani Packaging is a focused team that specializes in the design and manufacturer of different tubes offering high quality, innovative and trendsetting products and cost effective tubing solutions to meet the customer’s requirement. In addition to our capability in producing superior tubes, we also provide automatic machines based on modular construction, for the production of plastic laminate tubes and the filling of the tubes. Our vast knowledge, workman ship capability, in-house design service and quality products in the tube manufacturing market has made us leading suppliers in the South Asia and Middle Eastern market, Europe and USA region.

Our professional expertise cover packaging products for personal care, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, agro-industrial, automotive lubricants, chemical and household products.

At Burhani Packaging we Solve all your Tubing Needs!

A positive customer experience is made possible by extensive value-added services, healthy infrastructure and a significant capacity to deliver.
Excellence in tubing is what proves to be our identity in the market. We value mutual long-term partnerships with both our suppliers and customers, partnerships that are built on a foundation of superior quality and long term relation of satisfactory services meeting international trends.
We uphold the principles of integrity and employ the best of customer services in terms of product satisfaction and producing the premier quality what our customer is looking for. We also ensure proper quality checks in terms of printing and packaging aesthetics to meet the competitive standard with specialized mechanism and dynamic work force.


At Burhani every customer is family!

Burhani has a team of dedicated technical and production staff who bring your tubes to life. One set of dedicated workers are involved in the making of the product paying special attention to the details and quality of the product. Another team manages the sales of plastic laminate tube machines as well as filling machines and a third team looks after private labeling for cosmetics and healthcare products for tubes.
All three teams are dedicated towards innovative goals, ready for twist and turn. With Burhani you invest in the future by creating it today.


At Burhani, our vision is to be the leaders in tubing with the highest ethical standards for delivering exceptional value to our customers, employees and consumers. As one of the leading tubing producers, we are committed to meet and exceed customer’s expectations for product and service quality, innovation as well as cost competitiveness.

At Burhani we strive for sustainable growth and desire to exceed customer expectations for product and service. We as responsible citizens strive to operate and manage natural resources with care, sensitivity and expertise.

Our objective is to develop and manufacture a diverse range of high quality tubes for a wide variety of customers based on international standards.

We want our tubes to be readily available to meet many different requirements and with dynamic mechanism and team support we have the flexibility to suit our customer needs. Our commitment is to meet deadlines and execute orders effectively from large to small sectors with effective time delivery.
Our prospective towards the packaging world is to bring packaging to life and to satisfy almost all packaging requirements at excellent prices.